“ Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. ”
– Vincent van Gogh

As a company, we have developed a set of values and ideas that produce work our clients love. We do this using three very important pillars: social media strategies, creativity, and execution. As most social media marketing is pay to play, it’s essential to get these three aspects right.


Muddy Paws Philosophy Strategy

A marketing strategy is so important for content marketing to work. And the ultimate question is, how are you going to reach the audiences you want with content that is going to resonate and excite them?

Well, for us, we love the saying, “When you try to speak to everyone you speak to no one.” In other words, defining your message early on will help you to speak to your ideal customers. We will help you identify what free content you can produce that ultimately works as the vehicle to turn your prospects into customers.

To build a picture of your business, we will discuss: what you offer, who your ideal customer is, who your target audiences are, and which platforms they live on.

We will get to understand your brand’s visual identity and language, discuss types of campaigns we could test, nail down budgets, and discuss content needs and timeframes.

We spend time researching your competitors to see what we can learn from them, do an audit of your current reach, engagement and paid traffic campaigns (if you have any running), and feedback on the photography and video currently being used across your channels.

Objectives will be discussed, at length, so that we can understand if you are focussed on lead generation, brand awareness, engagement, or bottom of funnel sales.

We will define what creative assets you need, and then persist to produce the photography and video content for your website and social media.

Creative assets

Muddy Paws Philosophy Create

Millennials are now reaching peak-purchasing power, and over 85% of those polled about their online habits said that they discovered new brands on social media.

This is your most effective shop window, and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Not all brands need beautiful content, but if you are selling an experience, or goods and services that are visually-impressive, it’s critical to show this on all channels, not just your website.

We understand how to produce creative assets that build a successful online brand identity. This is where we really get to work combining proven growth strategies with photography and videography that resonates with the right audiences.

We take you away from using generic stock images many other brands use on their social media channels, and allow you to truly shine in your individuality.


Muddy Paws Philosophy Execution

Once all of your creative assets are in-place, and we have our strategy ready, it’s time to execute your campaigns.

Online advertising and marketing is all about testing to see what resonates with your particular audience.

We will test the offers we have crafted, and curate and organise your assets. Ad copy will be tested and data reports produced regularly to allow you to see definable progress on your expenditure.

We will then focus on scaling up that campaign to maximize your impact.

This is where you will start to see all of the hard work come together, and your business begin to thrive.