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How to Attract New & Existing Customers Using ‘Facebook Ad Sales Funnels’

By Liam Collard • Posted on June 23, 2020

The ‘make or break’ of Facebook ads, is all about understanding the sales funnel. And because ads have become such a big part of social media, with users being ‘spammed’ left, right, and centre, it’s up to you to create ads that are eye-catching, and add value to your audience’s day.

So first off, let’s agree that old advertising strategies aren’t nearly as effective today. Call-to-action buttons like “Buy Now” aren’t the way forward unless it’s from warmed up engaged audiences who know and trust your brand. Your ad strategy needs to be much more than that. 

How to Convert Your Awareness Ads into Leads & Sales

Understand the customer journey

  • At the top of your sales funnel where Facebook can be really effective is the discovery phase. This is where your potential customers aren’t really looking to buy anything but are looking for inspiration.
  • A customer decides that they want something so they begin exploring options they saw in the discovery phase above.
  • They find the products or services that appeal to them.
  • They seek more information and start looking at value and price.
  • They finalize their budget, and make a decision to purchase.
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To really put this into an ad strategy that works you need to look closely at what need or problem you are solving for your customers, then helping them understand how you can solve that problem for them.

  • Generating awareness: blog posts just aren’t enough today, think outside of the box by doing an interactive quiz or challenge.
  • Getting creative: Use copy that speaks to the outcome they will experience if they take a given action, like join your subscriber list or engage with your content in some way.
  • Creating leads: give your potential clients an incentive to give you their contact information. You could do this by offering them a free guide or webinar, or perhaps a discount when they sign up to your newsletter. (this is all about testing as every niche is different)
  • Targeting existing visitors: by using Facebook Pixel, you can target potential clients who’ve visited your website over the last 180 days. This is a powerful tool, as these individuals have already expressed some form of interest in your product or service.
  • Using multiple platforms: use Facebook, Instagram (and other platforms) to run your ads in order to maximize your reach. Using multiple platforms, and creating ad copy and visuals specifically for that platform’s audience, increases conversions by up to 250 percent.
  • Using Split Testing (A/B test): this is when you test different versions of the same ad in order to see which one is the most successful. This saves a huge amount of money in the long term.
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How to Keep Loyal Customers

Because loyal existing customers play a big role in generating new customers via word-of-mouth, it’s important to make them feel special and valued. You can do this by offering them rewards such as special offers and discounts that only previous and existing customers can take advantage of. 

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The Takeaway

If you have skipped through some of these steps, the main takeaway is that advertising on social media can be a challenge if a strategy is not well thought out and executed. People are generally not on social media to buy things, they’re there to be social and get inspired, which is why a hard sell  is not the right approach and is in fact quite intrusive. It does more damage than good for your brand’s reputation.

Add value, serve your customers with interesting and engaging content that helps them and you will naturally progress them down your funnel into customers.