Catch Beach

“ Thank you for capturing the essence of Catch Beach Club’s brand.

It has helped elevate our online presence to an international standard and audience ’’


Catch is one of Asia’s premier beach clubs with famous DJ’s flying in from all over the world during the peak season each year. It has an Ibiza-style vibe with a fashionista clientele that like to party.

They wanted to convey this lifestyle through their social media channels and reposition their website with more contemporary and aspirational visuals.

They challenged us to create a catalog of fashion-inspired images (and video) they could share alongside some of their user-generated content. We got to work during their premier opening, which helped us practice our skills of being mindful of customers without compromising quality.

Catch also wanted us to create short-form videos for paid advertising campaigns. These campaigns were designed to sell some of their VIP tables, announce events, and share content with their fans and followers around the world.


On Location​​

We used the backdrop of the beach club and their private yacht to create an aspirational portfolio of images and video that would represent the brand’s identity on social media, and appeal to their specific audience.

In total, we produced 35 images for their repositioned website:


The social media brief largely encompassed creating images for their Instagram account, as a lot of their engagement and demographic are active on that platform.

We focused on the fashion-inspired lifestyle content their audience love, and created 100 images for their Instagram feed.

This content was used alongside user-generated content for a more consistent aesthetic.


The social media brief was to mostly create images  for Instagram, as a lot of their engagement and audience are active on that platform. The focus was on the fashion inspired lifestyle content their audience love.

We created 100 images for their Instagram feed which they use alongside user generated content for a more consistent aesthetic.


The videos were created with paid advertising funnels in mind, which we then used
to create strategic campaigns. These helped generate revenue, bookings and excitement around
the brand.

Advertising Campaign

We launched a paid-advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram using video we created to grab attention. It focussed on daytime dining and relaxation options, as they were keen to promote these aspects to visiting travellers and expats in the area.


Catch had more than 200k video views from the creative we used in their paid traffic campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The campaigns were seen by over one million people over the course of three months.

The main objective was to drive engagement and awareness to the brand’s social channels, whilst improving the consistency of the brand aesthetic across their website and other online channels.

You can see some of the data below from our campaigns.

Muddy Paws graph3
Muddy Paws graph2
Muddy Paws graph1

Catch currently has an engaged following of 14k on Instagram.

Followers are only worthwhile if they engage with your brand, and engagement rates on their posts and ads were averaging around 5% (industry standard is around 1%).

Revenue was also generated for their high-end events with targeted ads created for Facebook and Instagram that only their members could see. These ads had special offers and discounts for advanced bookings, and proved to be very successful.